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82. how i'm getting by this exam season

I mean, exam season is a loose term. I'm a sociology student, so I don't actually do exams, I do essays. VERY long essays. Admittedly, these essays aren't due in until mid-January, but I know if I don't start preparing and writing these now, my Christmas break will be the most torturous time ever.

I have two 4,000 word essays and then another two 2,000 word essays, so a lot of words I gotta write in the next two months. Preparing these are usually the most time-consuming because the amount of reading I have to do in preparation for these is EXHAUSTING, but luckily the modules I have this year are actually all very interesting so, it makes the process a little better, I guess.

I love my subject a lot, so the work never seems like too much of a chore at face-value, but with that in mind, like everyone, it's very easy to fall into a slump and not have the motivation to get by when all your doing with your days is going to lectures than straight to the library for 3 h…

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